On any given day, I usually create a full metric ton of web banners that go in rotating carousels on dealer site home pages. The example showing the Kia Optima model below was created July 2015 for Pinehurst Kia in Southern Pines, NC.
Kia Optima image for Pinehurst Kia

Pinehurst Kia home page screen shot 1

Of course, web banners get extended to more than just websites for Kia dealerships. Luxury brands usually require the use of a proprietary font—Acura is no different than BMW or Audi in that regard. This banner was created November 2016 as one banner of a four-part campaign for DCH Montclair Acura in Verona, NJ.
Acura ILX image for DCH Montclair Acura

DCH Montclair Acura home page